Looking to the Future: Emerging Trends for the Next Decade and Beyond


What are the emerging technology and business trends for the next 10 years? What can we expect beyond that?


A whirlwind tour of some of the key trends impacting industries - from artificial intelligence to blockchain to virtual reality - and where they will lead beyond this that requires an engineer’s mindset and discipline.


It's not all about software.

Mr. Theo Priestley

(Chief Marketing Officer, WFS Technologies Ltd.)


With a career spanning 20 years, Theo is recognised as an advisor and sought after keynote speaker and evangelist on emerging business and technology trends; identifying and tracking the impacts of emerging technologies on society and industry globally with a view to explaining both the positive and negative effects on today’s culture and the future.

He has worked with clients including Siemens, Bosch, TIBCO, HPE, Mannai, Marketing Society Scotland, Edinburgh City Council, Generation Media, Aon, WEF, IDC, Welch Allyn and others to provide keynote engagements, content marketing, and innovation workshops. Theo has also mentored and coached early stage entrepreneurs on marketing and product management strategies at two leading technology accelerators. He has written over 100 articles and provided commentary for publications including WIRED, Forbes, Venturebeat, FT Raconteur, Huffington Post, The European, GigaOM, and has appeared on both radio and UK national television.