Arduino workshop, Dublin – 2023

This is a short event organised by the YP UK and Ireland to present basic Arduino concepts to the young professionals, to get them started with the programming and prototyping of electronic systems. The Arduino is an open, cheap and flexible microcontroller platform that simplifies the use of electronic systems and can be applied from homemade to professional projects designed by hobbyists and companies. This will be a 2-hours hands-on event, where the attendants will be able to create simple codes to automate their own electronic projects.

Projected Date

  • Feb 2023

Target Audience

  • Students in STEM fields

  • Working Professionals who are interested in learning IoT basics

  • People curious about the basics of microcontrollers


  • Familiarity with Computer concepts

  • Basic fundamentals of programming

Equipment needed

  • Arduino Uno starter kit and USB cable

  • Desktop/Laptop with USB port

  • Arduino IDE client for Linux/Mac/Windows