As a part of WESYP 2019 you are invited to present a poster for the poster competition and WIN exciting Prizes!!!

The poster is intended to be a means of improving your skills in the presentation of information. This is a unique opportunity for engineering students to demonstrate their research, projects or business ideas to a community of world-renowned industry experts, faculty and IEEE professionals in addition to fellow students. The poster should aim to have an immediate appeal to non-technical event attendees but should also provide some content for those with more specialised interests.

Although the theme of the event is “Building a Sustainable Future”. A wide variety of relevant subjects relating to emerging technologies will be accepted for the poster competition. The topics can contain different combinations of design, build, experimentation, analysis etc. Poster submissions must be in English and posters should show diagrams, photographs, text and data which would be of interest to other engineers and scientists. Complex displays should be avoided. The format of the poster is your choice but should contain the following features:

  • Title of the project
  • Your university logo, WESYP logo and the logo of supporting industry (if your project is sponsored by any).
  • The name of the poster presenter or presenters and supervisors.
  • An "Introduction" to the project (rationale, background, clear statements about what you have set out to do e.g. problem you intend to solve, proofs you are trying to establish). This should lead to declarations of project aim(s) and objectives;
  • An "Applicable Theory" or "Methodology" or "Experimental" Section to explain the basis of the techniques / procedures you are using, including any assumptions made (to put your results into context);
  • A "Results and Discussion" Section to explain what you have done so far and what it tells you (your interpretation);
  • A "Conclusion and Further Work" Section summarising your findings to date and thoughts about how the work will progress from this point.
  • References!


The aim is to get all of this information into such a short amount of space (A1 Size paper) and at the same time make it CLEAR, CONCISE AND ENGAGING. Please prepare the poster in portrait format. A template for your ease is provided here. The use of coloured pictures, lettering etc is acceptable BUT the background should be left WHITE. For further information on how to format a good poster, refer to the following links:

·       Liverpool's Guide on Posters

·       Standford Guide on Posters


You need to submit one electronic version of your poster in pdf format to the WESYP committee wesyp2019@gmail.com by the 13th September 2019.

Please include the text ‘Poster Competition’ followed by your full name in the email title when submitting your poster. After confirmation of the topic, you can print the poster in A1 size and bring it along to the event.



Posters will be on display in the Poster Area located in the Govan Mbeki foyer on the ground level and would need to comply with the following requirements.

  • One poster board/area would be allocated to each presentation.
  • You will need to present your research and defend your poster to the judging panel during the poster session.
  • The poster judging panel will be notified during the conference. The competition committee, comprising both academic and practitioner members, will evaluate the content and design of all posters.
  • The self-explanatory posters must visually illustrate and briefly explain technical projects or research studies related to the conference theme or other topics related to the field of professional communication or engineering.


The competition committee will notify the winners on 21st September 2019.  First place and second place winners will be awarded cash prizes and certificates. All winning posters will be displayed during the rest of the congress.