WESYP '19 Travel Grant Support

The WESYP 2019 committee is keen to provide travel grant opportunities and encourage early career participation of Students and Young Professionals at the West European Student and Young Professionals Conference in Glasgow from 19th to 21st Sept 2019. 

Students pursuing degrees and early career professionals who would normally find it difficult to attend are encouraged to apply!

A total of 17 grantees will receive up to £625 for travel expenses towards attending WESYP 2019.

West European Sections (outside the UK and Ireland)

  • Candidates representing the various Sections within West Europe are invited to apply for a Travel Grant on completion of their full registration. A total of 7 travel grants are available for Candidates from West European Sections.
  • Sections funding two delegates will be eligible for a £50 travel grant on full registration of 2nd delegate. Note: 1st Delegate does not qualify for any travel grant.
  • Sections funding three delegates will be eligible for a £75 travel grant on full registration of 3rd delegate.
  • The applicant would need to be a student or young professional current member of the IEEE, in good standing and fully or partially supported by the host Section.

  • For UK based delegates

  • A total of 10 x £25 travel grants are available to UK based delegates on a first come first serve basis. Grants are open to IEEE and non-IEEE members and only apply to full registration applications.
  • The applicant would need to be a student or young professional from industry in good standing, a keen interest in Engineering and Technology and a desire to join the IEEE.

  • Application & Selection Process

  • Travel Grant is only available on full registration and it is the candidate’s responsibility to apply for it at the time of registration via email to the WESYP committee wesyp2019@gmail.com
  • All grant email requests to the WESYP committee should state the applicants purpose of attending the conference and how the conference experience would benefit him/her including outcomes and experience expected from the conference attendance.
  • Please include a letter of confirmation of funding from your host section (if applicable).
  • All grants requests meeting the above criteria will be notified by the WESYP committee on completion of registration along with submission of email application request.This would be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  • Grant reimbursement will only take place at the end of the event on collection of Congress participation certificate.
  • For candidates that don’t qualify for the WESYP 2019 Travel grant, further information on other grants available can be found here and https://www.ieee.org/membership/students/awards/student-travel-grants.html